Helloooo, it’s me :)


OMG my first blog post, why am I…… a little nervous?  100% confident that I have zero readers right now, and won’t for a while, because I haven’t shared this blog’s existence with ANYONE. So right now this thing is kind of like a diary, just me thinking out loud! Hopefully some day in the not so distant future friends and family (hey guys!) will be checking out this blog, so unlike my diary entries, I’ll try to make sure these posts have an actual point! (and maybe not get too personal?  Although no guarantees on that.)

Let me start by telling you about something I tweeted a few years ago. On a hot summer’s day in mid-June, a 22 year old Alexandra James tweeted…

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.05.55 PM

GASP!!!  What was I thinking?!?! Because here I am, in 2016, moving to a foreign country and starting a blog.  Way to NOT predict the future sassy 2014 thinks-she’s-too-cool-for-a-blog Alex!!! Although let’s keep in mind other tweets of mine have included “a really large bee, or two dragonflies having sex? #questionsiaskmyselfinthesummer” (um, what?)  “tell me I’m not the only one excited for Kris Jenner’s talk show” (Update: I was the only one. Did that talk show even happen? Asking for a friend.) and “I feel like once you put a fitted sheet on your college mattress by yourself you can do anything” (I still stand by that statement, fitted sheets may or may not be the reason I only did about two washes in college.) But anyways, yes, at one time, I really did not understand why people who traveled abroad were so compelled to start a blog. As Taylor Swift puts it though, minds change like the weather, and today I find myself more inclined to share my journey with you all, my dear future readers, to both inform and inspire! And hey, what can I say, I’m a little self absorbed, and I like to write 😉

So where, exactly, are my travel adventures taking me?  Well, in the beginning of August, I am moving from my home of Boston, MA, to… Thailand!!!  And this blog, Alexandra’s Advent{hers}, is coming with me!! So excited for you guys to share in my travels, please feel free to comment on any of my posts, ask questions, give advice, or write any other thought that comes to your mind.  My personal goals for this blog (sharing so you guys can hold me to them!) are to write a blog post every two weeks, and to NOT beat myself up about everything I write, I know these posts are far from perfect, but starting a post and then not finishing it because I think it sucks is stupid right? And 2016 is my year to be brave and care less about what others think of me, so cheers to that 🙂 I also want this blog to encourage people to travel, ESPECIALLY women, and especially by themselves, because that’s exactly who I am, a woman traveling and moving abroad alone.

So thank you again for reading my rambling thoughts, and for joining me on this wild ride! {happy exploring}





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